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Sober house

Title: Sober house
URL: https://fherehab.com/sober-living/
Description: At FHE Health, aftercare services for those that have been cared for through treatment are proven to work. We understand the need for support in the early days of recovery and have provided anything and everything that we can to the graduates of our treatment programs so that they have the highest chance of recovery success. Our sober living environments implement a connection to spirituality so that inner peace and comfort can be achieved. Additionally, those who have graduated from our programs are held to a high standard. Our motto implemented at the sober living program is, “It’s either impeccable or unacceptable”, meaning that we expect only the best out of those that choose to further their treatment, and nothing less. We wish not to enable the men and women enrolled in the program, but to provide the tools to live addiction free with the implementation of daily schedules and routines. The number one goal for those that choose to utilize our sober living homes is a lifetime of permanent sobriety. Most think that addiction recovery is only about refraining from using drugs and alcohol. While giving up substance abuse is a large part of recovery, it is mostly about determining the underlying causes and emotions that feed your addictions. Surrounding yourself with individuals that have encountered through similar circumstances will give you a safe environment to explore the hidden driving factors of addiction into your life. Along with providing you a place to live that holds sobriety as the highest priority, we will also give you a support group that you can rely on to get you through the hardest days of recovery. Group and individualized therapy are services that are offered at our sober living home programs, so treatment can continue as your daily life starts to. Instead of being thrown back into the routine of work, school, and social responsibilities that you so recently left and juggled along with an addiction, you can slowly introduce those areas back to your new, sober lifestyle, while being surrounded by those that are doing the same.