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Hangover Drink

Title: Hangover Drink
URL: https://www.sundaymorninghero.com/
Description: The late morning rays of the sun finally shine on you. Your head is pounding, and you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus. You swore you weren’t going to drink too much last night, but it just sort of happened. And now you’re hungover. Eyes half-open, you look for your cell phone. Is it hiding between the sheets? Maybe you left it charging. You finally find it, but the relief you feel is quickly replaced with panic as you check your text messages and see you’re supposed to meet a friend for brunch today at noon! It’s already 11:00 am, and there’s no way you can roll out of bed right now. Your first instinct is to reach for Gatorade, but you know it doesn’t always work. Sometimes even a whole bottle doesn’t take away that dehydrated and exhausted feeling. Then you remember the sample Hangover Helper kit you ordered online recently. You had read about it and liked the idea of a scientifically backed, herbal remedy created by a pharmacist, so you figured it was worth a try. Praying it’ll work, you stumble to the kitchen and stir the Hangover Helper powdered mix in a glass of water and down it with the 2 pills included in the kit. Within half an hour you’re amazed by how much better you feel. By some miracle, you’re revved up and actually excited about getting to brunch on time! You head out the door and make a mental note to stock up on Hangover Helper so you’ll never have to experience another miserable morning after.