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Title: https://www.intakt-reisen.de/
URL: https://www.intakt-reisen.de/
Description: Round trips in Africa, America, Asia, Oceania, Arctic-Antarctic and Europe With this guiding idea, Intakt-Reisen 1996 in Berlin started out with a then still small catalog of round trips as at that time the first purely online travel provider. Initially focused on a few, then exotic destinations such as New Zealand, Tanzania, South Africa and Costa Rica, we have implemented our ideas more and more fully and today, with many loyal customers as a specialist provider of round trips, active travel and nature travel in small groups, also far above the German Borders known. Over the years, our program has been continuously expanded to include new destinations, and today, for example, Iran, Ethiopia and Cuba travel are also part of our portfolio. When choosing our trips, we have always paid attention to a coherent concept, typical accommodations and a competent tour guide. In places where we are dealing with sensitive ecosystems, we make sure that nature preserves and protects nature through compensation and restoration programs.